Sunday, 30 September 2012

Monochrome and Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo


So sorry that I have neglected my blog, I have been very distracted with moving back to Oxford and moving house! I hope all you student readers are having a good time at Uni or college and the workload/alcohol/ lack of sleep isn't tiring you out already!

Today I am wearing my "smart" outfit which you can wear to work, an interview or drinks if you are feeling particularly sophisticated.
I have opted for the monochrome look which means (for those who don't know) all black and white. Monochrome is also an excuse to wear my favourite white blazer. I know you've seen it before but I love it too much so you'll probably see it a lot more!! The material is really soft and silky and would fit anyone really well, so I recommend buying one!!

My favourite bit about this outfit is the bag. Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo..... enough said. Unfortunately its not's my housemate's. She found it in her attic as it used to be her Gran's.  I love the heavy gold chain and structural shape. It's one of those bags that can be worn with anything, so I'm hoping to borrow it more if she'll let me (hint hint) !!

Hope to all the students who read this are enjoying their freshers week, I know I have!!

Yours always.

Miss P x

 Blazer and Shoes by River Island. Peplum top by Topshop. Palazzo Trousers by M&S. Bag by Salvatore Ferragamo
 Yes it was very cold and windy....


  1. You are gorgeoussss! And I'm jealous of those shoes xx

  2. Love those shoes!! :) x

  3. your outfit is so cute!

  4. Love your style!! Your blog is fab, hope you'll follow back?