Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Grand Cafe


This post is gonna be a little different to all the previous ones because instead of talking about style and fashion I'm gonna talk about this really cute little cocktail bar in Oxford!
It was my housemate's birthday night so we decided to take her to the Oxford Playhouse to see a play produced and acted by Oxford and Oxford Brookes University students. After, we went to a cocktail bar that we walk pass at least four times a week but never go in because, well after all we are students ! 

The Grand cafe has an old 1920's vibe with the blue columns and gold lettering on the outside. Inside it's all old fashioned wooden furniture, huge vases of flowers and quirky bits and bobs. The candle holders are just that ! Gold hands that hold the candles!! Craaazzyyy

The cocktails are amazing too. I had a Raspberry Cosmopolitan (so SATC) , White Peach Bellini and a Vanilla Fizz. It's safe to say I had a great buzz after finishing the third cocktail. And the best part of it, all the cocktails are under a fiver before 11pm so it defiantly won't break the bank ! 

After there was no more room on our table for anymore empty cocktail glasses and champagne flutes we decided to head home for a very 'studenty' end to the evening; cheesy chips. 

Yours always,

Miss P x

 The Grand Cafe on Oxford's High Street

 Instagram photos courtesy of JoshHarsant
 Me and the Birthday girl !
Looks like a successful Birthday to me :)


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  2. This looks lush! I love old style bars like that!

  3. This bar looks amazing! Photos are brill :)


    Amy xx

  4. beautiful :)

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  7. looks lovely!

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