Monday, 17 December 2012

Winter Wonderland and Covent Garden


University has finally finished for the semester and at last I can have my life back. Since it's nearly Christmas I thought I would blog about Christmas markets!

I love Christmas, seriously love it. I love that round this time of year everyone is a festive mood and celebrates all together. Christmas markets is where this mood and celebrations are at their peak; so when my Auntie invited me to Winter Wonderland with my cousins, I jumped at the chance to go! For those who don't know what Winter Wonderland is, it's a huge event where Hyde Park in London is transformed into, well, a Winter Wonderland. There are rides, stalls, ice rink and plenty of food! I'm a massive foodie so I was in complete heaven; mulled wine, roasted chestnuts, hog roast, waffles, every food related to winter and Christmas was there.

Winter Wonderland is open until 6th January of you want to go! I recommend going early though to beat some of the crowds. More info here

Another place in London famous for their Christmas spirit is Covent Garden. Plenty of beautiful decorations, shops and performers to see. We had lunch at a place called Brasserie Blanc (it's a chain so there is plenty around) which overlooked Covent Garden so we got a great view of the decorations that hung from the market's roof!

The whole day was so much fun and I am now fully in the festive mood!! Hopefully you all are too!!

Yours always,

Miss P xx

My Auntie having fun on Santa's chair!!

Hot Chestnuts

 Chocolate shapes!
Fresh salmon rolls!

The family!!

Brasserie Blanc in Covent Garden (photo from Instagram, follow me TheOnlyMissP) 
Me and my auntie. Shirt from Zara

 Another Instagram photo

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Grand Cafe


This post is gonna be a little different to all the previous ones because instead of talking about style and fashion I'm gonna talk about this really cute little cocktail bar in Oxford!
It was my housemate's birthday night so we decided to take her to the Oxford Playhouse to see a play produced and acted by Oxford and Oxford Brookes University students. After, we went to a cocktail bar that we walk pass at least four times a week but never go in because, well after all we are students ! 

The Grand cafe has an old 1920's vibe with the blue columns and gold lettering on the outside. Inside it's all old fashioned wooden furniture, huge vases of flowers and quirky bits and bobs. The candle holders are just that ! Gold hands that hold the candles!! Craaazzyyy

The cocktails are amazing too. I had a Raspberry Cosmopolitan (so SATC) , White Peach Bellini and a Vanilla Fizz. It's safe to say I had a great buzz after finishing the third cocktail. And the best part of it, all the cocktails are under a fiver before 11pm so it defiantly won't break the bank ! 

After there was no more room on our table for anymore empty cocktail glasses and champagne flutes we decided to head home for a very 'studenty' end to the evening; cheesy chips. 

Yours always,

Miss P x

 The Grand Cafe on Oxford's High Street

 Instagram photos courtesy of JoshHarsant
 Me and the Birthday girl !
Looks like a successful Birthday to me :)

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Monochrome and Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo


So sorry that I have neglected my blog, I have been very distracted with moving back to Oxford and moving house! I hope all you student readers are having a good time at Uni or college and the workload/alcohol/ lack of sleep isn't tiring you out already!

Today I am wearing my "smart" outfit which you can wear to work, an interview or drinks if you are feeling particularly sophisticated.
I have opted for the monochrome look which means (for those who don't know) all black and white. Monochrome is also an excuse to wear my favourite white blazer. I know you've seen it before but I love it too much so you'll probably see it a lot more!! The material is really soft and silky and would fit anyone really well, so I recommend buying one!!

My favourite bit about this outfit is the bag. Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo..... enough said. Unfortunately its not's my housemate's. She found it in her attic as it used to be her Gran's.  I love the heavy gold chain and structural shape. It's one of those bags that can be worn with anything, so I'm hoping to borrow it more if she'll let me (hint hint) !!

Hope to all the students who read this are enjoying their freshers week, I know I have!!

Yours always.

Miss P x

 Blazer and Shoes by River Island. Peplum top by Topshop. Palazzo Trousers by M&S. Bag by Salvatore Ferragamo
 Yes it was very cold and windy....

Monday, 10 September 2012

Green Studded Tweed with a LBD


My sister called this outfit, "First Lady with Studs" which is exactly what it is. The tweed jacket looks slightly less dowdy with a single stud line going across the shoulder. This is a smart jacket but it still looks good with a pale blue pair of jeans. The dress is simple but is a good base for any outfit! 

Yet another one of my massive necklaces but I couldn't resist buying this one! It reminded me of a little matching necklace and bracelet I had when I was little.

The clutch is again one of many studded items. This one also has a strap so you can wear it as a shoulder bag. I plan on using this at uni so I don't lose my bag when out on town!! This bag is versatile, you can use it for the Rock Glam look or just to add a bit of "attitude" (cringe!) to your outfit.

Finally I hope everyone is enjoying New York Fashion Week, and getting some great tips for Spring 2013!
Carolina Herrera, Diane Von Furstenburg and Herve Leger by Max Azria are my favourites so far. Love the sorbet colours from Herrera and DVF and the prints from Herve Leger by Max Azria. Let me know what you think, either here or on Twitter - @TheOnlyMissP ! 

Yours always, 

Miss P x

Jacket by Zara, Necklace by H&M, Dress by Topshop, Clutch by Warehouse, Shoes (old) New Look

Friday, 31 August 2012

Studded Jumper and Animal Print Skirt


Summer is officially over and the cold weather has already made an appearance so it's time to get out your A/W wardrobe. Don't know if you've noticed but everything is studded this season including this jumper I bought from Warehouse (students get 20% off at the moment). This jumper is so versatile, you can wear it with pretty much anything. I would put it with wet look / leather leggings but I just don't own that sort of body to pull it off! Instead I have opted for an animal print skirt with black tights. I used to be a hater of animal print, like a major hater. It just reminded me of a tacky Cruella De Vill but now it's steadily growing on me. Before you know it I'll be wearing zebra print trousers......I really hope this doesn't happen.

As if the studs weren't 'bling' enough I decided to wear a gold necklace just to give it a hint of colour. 

Hope you are all planning you're A/W wardrobes!!

Yours always,

Miss P x

Jumper by Warehouse. Watch by Citizen. Skirt by H&M. Necklace by Boohoo. Boots by Topshop

Monday, 27 August 2012

It's a long way to Tipperary.....

Hey Y'all!

I'm so sorry that it's been so long since my last post, there is no excuse! But (here comes the "excuse") I have been a very busy girl working and helping my family organise my cousin's 21st birthday party. 

She had a lovely 1940/1950s theme tea party in her garden where all her family and friends sat down to two seatings of plenty of tea, cake and sandwiches. My auntie hired a lovely woman to do our hair in the 1940s style (I believe she has a shop in Cirencester called SheuniqueVintage, she also has a Facebook page) with all the curls and quiffs! I'm awful at doing my hair so I was very excited for a professional to do it!
As she did our hair out in the sun we listened to Glenn Miller and drank Pimms to get into the spirit. The first set of guests arrived and the champagne was popped open as they took their seats for a very fun and very civilised (if I do say so myself) tea party. After they finished their tea my great auntie (Jacqueline "Jackie" Sansum, she is an opera singer) sang "Scarlet Ribbons" to a very happy crowd. You must look up the song on the internet it's one of my favourites that she sings. 

As for the fashion, well everyone went all out and really got stuck into the theme! Plenty of florals, wrap dresses, peplum dresses, red lips and head wraps. I went for a wrap dress and vintage cream gloves which was bought as a present from a 1940s event. Even my Dad got stuck in and dressed as Renee from "Allo Allo" (if you don't know this TV show, shame on you!) ! I have realised that my family sound completely bonkers but isn't everyones'! 

As the sun went down the champagne carried on flowing and Glenn Miller continued to blast out of the speakers to accompany the happy and slightly drunken dancers. It was definitely a party to remember. 

Yours always,

Miss P x

Ps. I thought I would stick with the theme and show the photos in black and white but some just simply looked better in their natural colours.There are also more photos on Twitter @TheOnlyMissP

 Menu made by yours truly :)

So pleased with my hair!

All clothing is either vintage or old I'm afraid !

Birthday girl enjoying herself!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Uni Survival Tips - Fresherrrrrrrrrr!!

Hey Y'all ! 

Considering this is Results Day and you are all hopefully proud and happy (if you're not its not the end of the world and there is always another way around it) being a fresher survivor I thought I would do a university  for all you new freshers !!!

- Be prepared to be very tired for the first couple of weeks, you're body will be pushed to the limits with all the parties that you'll be going to!
- Everyone is scared just like you, so don't be afraid to get talking to each other. Talk to everyone!
-Get one of your flat mates and go round your halls and knock on EVERYONE'S door. Be friendly and invite people to go out :)
-Bring a board game !! You will bond over how silly you look on a twister board hahaha
-If your flatmates aren't your cuppa tea, go to another flat and chill out there. It may be awkward at first but it'll soon get comfortable.
-If you have friends from home going to the same uni try not to hang out too much at first you need to socialise with new people in order to feel fully at home.
-On your first day stay in the kitchen or prop your door open, try not to hide away.
-Pace your money! You won't have you're loan yet, you only get it when you enroll into University.
- Have fancy dress clothes, you'll be wearing them more than you're actual going out clothes- Primark will be your best friend!
- Girls, speaking from experience don't wear massive heels in freshers week , you will regret it!!
- Try not to see or visit you're love ones for at least 2-3 weeks. It'll be harder to say goodbye the second time so you need time to fully realise that you live away from them.
-Join in every drinking game possible (if you drink)!! Alcohol brings people together ;)
-Get Berocca!! You will be tired under the weather and just plain hungover! I remember waking up on the Friday morning of Freshers Week, hungover , sore head and the reddest eyes you have ever seen. Wasn't my most beautiful moment.....
-And finally literally JUST HAVE FUN, throw yourself into Uni wholeheartedly, if you don't enjoy it straight away trust me you will love it soon enough. When Christmas comes along you won't want to come home!!

Congratulations once again to everyone!!

Yours always, 

Miss P x

 My sister and her friends with their results , they all got what they wanted and will start their degrees this September.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Olympics 2012 Special!

Hey Y'all!

I know I did a post not that long ago but I had to share with you my experience of going to the London Olympics! 

I had the privilege of attending the Canoe and Kayak Sprint Finals at Eton Dorney with my lovely sister to support our amazing athletes (I think you'll agree with that statement). The atmosphere was electric and all the gamemakers were extremely friendly and still managed to have sense of humour even when it was raining and early in the morning. The only bad bit about the day was that I had to get up at 430am (ouch, I know) but it was still worth it to be a part of something that will probably not happen again in my lifetime. 
Team GB may not have won any medals this morning but they should be proud none the less! 

Hope you are enjoying the last week of the games and make sure you tell me what you've been watching and  what you think of Team GB, either on here or on Twitter - @TheOnlyMissP !

Yours always,

Miss P x

This photo was taken with Instagram, if you would like to follow me my username is The Only Miss P

Team GB- Women's K4 500m final

Team GB in the Kayak nearest to us