Monday, 27 August 2012

It's a long way to Tipperary.....

Hey Y'all!

I'm so sorry that it's been so long since my last post, there is no excuse! But (here comes the "excuse") I have been a very busy girl working and helping my family organise my cousin's 21st birthday party. 

She had a lovely 1940/1950s theme tea party in her garden where all her family and friends sat down to two seatings of plenty of tea, cake and sandwiches. My auntie hired a lovely woman to do our hair in the 1940s style (I believe she has a shop in Cirencester called SheuniqueVintage, she also has a Facebook page) with all the curls and quiffs! I'm awful at doing my hair so I was very excited for a professional to do it!
As she did our hair out in the sun we listened to Glenn Miller and drank Pimms to get into the spirit. The first set of guests arrived and the champagne was popped open as they took their seats for a very fun and very civilised (if I do say so myself) tea party. After they finished their tea my great auntie (Jacqueline "Jackie" Sansum, she is an opera singer) sang "Scarlet Ribbons" to a very happy crowd. You must look up the song on the internet it's one of my favourites that she sings. 

As for the fashion, well everyone went all out and really got stuck into the theme! Plenty of florals, wrap dresses, peplum dresses, red lips and head wraps. I went for a wrap dress and vintage cream gloves which was bought as a present from a 1940s event. Even my Dad got stuck in and dressed as Renee from "Allo Allo" (if you don't know this TV show, shame on you!) ! I have realised that my family sound completely bonkers but isn't everyones'! 

As the sun went down the champagne carried on flowing and Glenn Miller continued to blast out of the speakers to accompany the happy and slightly drunken dancers. It was definitely a party to remember. 

Yours always,

Miss P x

Ps. I thought I would stick with the theme and show the photos in black and white but some just simply looked better in their natural colours.There are also more photos on Twitter @TheOnlyMissP

 Menu made by yours truly :)

So pleased with my hair!

All clothing is either vintage or old I'm afraid !

Birthday girl enjoying herself!

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