Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to you all ! I hope you are all had a great last night of 2012 and are well and truly hungover or at least still in your pyjamas like I am!  

My New Years primarily involved games (drinking and normal), wine and fireworks. It was probably my most relaxed New Year's Eve party yet, but it was great fun none the less. 

Here is a sneeky peek of what went on .......

A whole lotta fireworks (and smoke)......

and sparklers.....
We decided to see set 2 packets of sparklers alight ......

 And this is what it looked like.....

 My friends after a couple of drinks.....
 We went to the pub where a friend works to bring her back to the party and this is what we found...... A Gangnam Style show on the pub tables!!

With my friend deciding to join in :)
Hope you all had a great New Year, would love to hear some of your New Year antics!!

Yours always,

Miss P x

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  1. Great firework photographs :)