Friday, 18 January 2013

Yummy Marble Cake


No outfit blog today I'm afraid. I didn't really fancy dressing in my nice attire when my plan was to hid away from the cold! Instead I'm going to be showing you how to make a marble cake. I'm not an amazing cook so it's super easy and a great beginners recipe.

You will need:

Pre-heat the oven to 180c
A loaf tin (greased)
175g/6oz caster sugar
175g/6oz butter
3 eggs
225g/8oz self-raising flour
Half a tsp vanilla extract
pinch of salt
2 tbsp cocoa powder
2 tbsp coffee (cooled)
2 tbsp milk

I've always been taught to whack everything in the bowl at once rather than whisking the sugar and butter first and then folding the flour in. Its less time consuming and tastes the same. I've never had any complaints!

So but the sugar, butter, eggs, flour, salt and vanilla extract in to a large bowl.

Whisk together and then divide equally into two bowls.

In a mug mix the cocoa powder and coffee (the added coffee was from a recipe I found)  into a smooth paste. In order to do this make sure you add water to the ingredients rather then adding them to the water this way you can control the consistency of the paste.
Add the paste to ONE of the mixtures and stir until it has combined. Add the milk and mix again.

Now the fun part starts! Alternatively spoon the mixtures into the tin. This will create the marble effect! (And don't forgot to lick the bowls!)

Put the tin in the oven for 50-60 mins. When it comes out of the oven put a knife through the thickest part of the cake. If the knife comes out clean its cooked if i doesn't put the cake back in the oven for another couple of minutes.

And here is the cake! Mine has risen massively!

If you want to add icing to the cake just mix 30g/1oz of cocoa powder, 195g/6oz of icing sugar and 2 tbsp of water. Drizzle over the cake when it has completely cooled. If your cake turned out like mine just slice the top off so you have a nice flat top to add your icing to.

Hope you enjoy!! 

Yours always, 

Miss P x


  1. Looks delicious! Definitely think I'll be trying this one out :)

    1. Thank you ! Tell me how it turns out! x

  2. omg that looks amazing