Monday, 16 July 2012

Studded shirt and Plaited shopper

Hey y'all !

Today I had lovely day out in Oxford with my sister so I thought I would show you the photos ......and obviously the outfit ! 
I have just bought this cream silk shirt and I am in love with it. I love the gold studded collar and cuffs and you can't see in the picture but it also has small skull buttons! And to top it all off it was in the Zara sale so it didn't cost a bomb. Word of advice though if you ever buy this shirt or any new light coloured shirt do not, I repeat DO NOT eat a tomato based lunch. Tomato stains are not a good look. 
The second love of my life is another Zara buy (good ole Zara). My tan plaited shopper. Nearly all my handbags are huge but this has to be the biggest. It's structural, strong and you can fit anything in there, what more do you need from a bag! I decided to add the scarf just to give it a bit more detail and colour. 
Finally my rings are from Accessorize. I've always wanted a double ringed ring but could never find one that didn't look ridiculously colossal on my freakishly small hands but I have finally found one I actually think looks nice......well I hope it does. My opal ring is a great colour and goes great with my nails from my last post!
Yours always,

Miss P x

Leather studded jacket by Bershka. Cream shirt and shopper bag by Zara. Scarf and skirt by New Look. Boots by Peacocks. Rings by Accessorize

P.s. Apologies for my face in the first photo , it was very windy....... 


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